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Technology Provider

Comprehensively handles the project needs of our client from concept to installation through support. This process normally involves studying the client's current infrastructure, evaluating the client's needs, specifying the mix of manufacturers hardware and software required to meet project goals, installing the hardware and software at the client's site(s) based on technology.

Engineering & Business Consulting

A professional service that provides support, information, independent expertise in engineering, science and related areas for industries, governments, developers and construction firms to assist in the running or future strategy of a business, entity or organization.

Research & Development

Investigative activities that a business chooses to conduct with the intention of making a discovery that can either lead to the development of new products or procedures, or to improvement of existing products or procedures. R&D is one of the means by which business can experience future growth by developing new products or processes to improve and expand their operations.

Education & Training

As impact assessment involves the use of independent and informed judgement, both education and training are necessary to develop the necessary formal and soft skills for its practice. Continuing education is a term normally used to designate the understanding that in the contemporary world, higher education is not enough to ensure the acquisition of skills to a professional life.

Our approach to technology can grow your business in entirely new ways

PT. Sakura Integra Semesta offers a comprehensive expertise of business and technology services across technology providing, engineering & business cunsulting, research & development, and education & training to help your business unleash the power of technology to drive growth and create new sources of value. Technology is fundamentally changing the way businesses and governments operate—from how they interact with customers, citizens and suppliers, to how they manage their employees. Our expertise, combined with our integrated technology capabilities, create practical results to help you boost performance and profitability. It's all about delivering tangible results from the real world. That’s high performance, delivered.

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